3 Things I Learned From Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses knew how to live life! Here are 3 life lessons we can all learn from Grandma Moses.

The legendary painter and United States icon Grandma Moses’ birthday is celebrated today. She died when she was 101 years old. She didn’t begin her art career in earnest until she was 78 years old. Coming from a poor farm girl to being one of the most iconic artist in American history, Grandma Moses has a life worth studying.

Show Notes and Transcript

It's never too late to chase your dreams and live your passions

Grandmas Moses began painting in earnest at the age of 78.

Don't let excuses stop you

Grandma Moses developed arthritis by the age of 76, which made doing most things painful. When her right hand hurt she would switch to her left hand.

Live life in a way that you will be satisfied with it when your time here is done

"Painting's not important. The important thing is keeping busy. I look back on my life like a good day's work. It was done and I am satisfied with it." - Grandma Moses

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