5 Netflix Hacks You Must Have In Your Life

If you love Netflix you will love the 5 Netflix hacks. They do everything from change the quality of your stream to quick shortcuts to making watching easier. You can get better ratings and movie trailers and a lot more. If you watch Netflix on your laptop or gaming console you will really love these hacks. They will show you secret menus and tricks you can use to optimize your Netflix watching experience like never before.

Secret bitrate menu
If you are having problems with buffering on your laptop or gaming console while watching Netflix you can actually change it. You can raise it or lower it depending on the quality you want. For those who have slower internet being able to lower the bitrate will stop most buffering issues.

On your laptop you have to be using the Chrome browser for this to work. It won’t work in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

While watching a Netflix video using Chrome, Hold down SHIFT, CONTROL, ALT, S, and a menu will pop up that allows you to not only change the bitrate of the stream, but also change what server your stream is coming from.

This will also work on Gaming consoles as well. While you are watching a video use your controller and press the buttons in this sequence to get the bitrate menu.


Secret Bitrate Menu: (pc) shift + ctrl + alt + s
Secret Bitrate Menu: (console) up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up

Secret Movie Ratings and Enhancements
This is another hack that only works for Chrome. You will need to install the NEnhancer extension. If you use this you will be able to look at Rotten tomatoes reviews and pull up the trailer while looking at show/movie pages to help you decide whether to watch them or not. When you are browsing shows or movies on Netflix, just hover over the show and you will see a menu pop up. It will show you the review from rotten tomatoes and other options like trailer videos and more.

Netflix Enhancer Extension:

Keyboard Shortcuts
There are also several keyboard shortcuts you can use when watching Netflix on your laptop. Using the arrow keys will do several different things.
Right Arrow will fast forward
Left Arrow will rewind
Space Bar pauses your video
Pressing m will mute the audio
Pressing f will make the video full screen
esc will exit full screen mode

Manual HD settings
You can set Netflix to play video at the quality level you choose, or it will try to decide for you. By default this option is set to auto. So Netflix will use what it thinks is the best quality for you based on your internet speeds, laptop specifications and other parameters. However it has come out that Netflix may be showing lower quality video to everyone to save money on the bandwidth they use. You can fix this by forcing Netflix to always show you the highest quality stream available. You can also use this setting to do the opposite and show you the lower quality stream. You might choose this to help you save money on your data plan for example.

Optimizing HD: http://netflix.com/hdtoggle

Specific Category Search
We have talked about this in a previous episode but it’s too incredible to not mention again. You know on Netflix you can search for different genres of movies. And it gives you quite a few to choose from. But there are literally hundreds if you know how to look.

So basically you will go to the Netflix genre link and then enter the secret code for whatever genre of movie you like Westerns it’s there. How about movies for children ages 11 to 12. Yes, they have a genre that specific! Classic war movies. Campy Comedies. Science Documentaries. Teen Dramas. Military Dramas.

Netflix Bible

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