Bloodline Season 2 On Netflix & My Review of Nightcrawler

On this weeks show we get pumped up for season 2 of Bloodline on Netflix. You have justĀ  a few days to binge watch season 1 of you haven’t seen it yet! And I review a really creepy movie that is also on Netflix, Nightcrawler.

This is kind of a dark, family, drama. Actually calling it a dark family drama is a bit of an understatement. If you watched season one then you know what I mean. If you haven’t watched it yet, all I can say is watch it.

Who would like this? Anyone that loves True Detective, or House Of Cards will not be disappointed.

From a cast point of view, Ben Mendoelsohn is just a genius. Im not sure what else to say. He plays Danny Rayburn and John Rayburn is played by Kyle Chandler.

You will probably know Kyle Chandler from Friday night lights (another amazing show that’s on Netflix by the way), and if you go way back you may remember him from a show called Early Edition in 1996. I loved him in that show. He got tomorrows newspaper delivered to his door today…then tried to prevent bad things from happening. And in case you’re wondering, isn’t available for streaming anywhere right now that I know of. I checked!


This is a dark drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal. He is a creepy loner of questionable moral fiber that decides to become a freelance photographer who sells video of crime scenes to local TV stations. As the movie, and his career, progress he starts crossing more and more ethical lines to get the ‘perfect shot.’ As you can imagine this doesn’t end well for many people. This movie has a B movie feel to it with blockbuster stunts and effects. I liked it.

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