Defending National Champs Not Getting Any Respect

Alabama fans will recognize this. It happens every year. The Tide is not getting any respect from the talking heads and national sports media. Why is LSU predicted to win the SEC? Why is Alabama not projected to make the playoffs?

Plus we talk about Cam Robinson, The QB situation, Take a look at the defensive depth chart and more.

Show Notes and Transcript

This is crimson corner a podcast about all things Alabama football. you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or the google play store. Now let's talk Alabama football with your host Brett Mason and Jamie Thomas.

This is crimson corner with your host Brett Mason Jamie Thomas where we talk all things Alabama football. War Eagle buddy. Roll Tide Man.

I know the last time we did this show together it seemed like it was getting close but now that we're doing in another Alabama so it seems like it in any closer just to be honest with you.

Yeah I'm I'm man i'm so ready I'm so ready for football. i'm tired of baseball have been tired of the NBA since they took off what seems like twenty nine months ago. And this season hockey just doesn't do it. You know we kind of got preseason NFL to look forward to but man i'm ready to see some real hard-hitting college football.

When they stretched the NBA season out what went today that like eight to ten years ago or something it just never ends it just it's like all right I got had enough of that already.

It seems like it ends in June and starts again. I'm sick of it well we're closer than ever.It's just around the corner, summertime officially started, that means we have one season to get through. we just got to get through summer college football be here.

There is something is going on though the world Alabama football. First of all we'll get to the issue with Cam Robinson and the other player who were, I think it was back in May, they were charged with a couple of different drug related charges that were subsequently dropped. And we found out a little bit more about their punishment.

We did. You know they they were dropped.

I'm i guess i'm probably one of the few Bama fans that doesn't completely agree with those charges being swept under the rug the way they were. But you know I guess as coach Saban said we would say it is what it is.

The charges have been dismissed you know that the university of Alabama is catching a lot of flak over this, coach saban has been catching a lot of flak over this. And I guess it's uh it's mainly because you know everybody thought there wouldn't be any punishment set down. But for people that don't know you know Robinson and Andrew Jones of both have been indefinitely suspended uh and you know what they've been given to get back on this football team.

You know it's it's a pretty pretty big task you know, On top of the the community service they're both assigned i believe it was 20 hours of community service a week until fall practice. Cam Robinson is is doing 26 hours or ride along with the northport Police Department. I think he says he has to attend gun safety education twice a week. Meet with mental health consultants who have to sign off on them.

Jones was sent to a 21 day drug rehab program and on top of that you know they're having to go through counseling with the monthly video appointments with the health consultants. And weekly urine test.

So it's not like up you know Saban is just letting these guys walk back onto the field and be a part of this team. They're gonna have to earn it. Of course you know had the the felony charges going through we wouldn't be having this discussion. Those guys would be in jail and uh you know we would be playing ball without Cam Robinson this year.

But to you know he's got a a pretty hefty task to actually get back on the football team, to get off of this. I do expect him to be suspended probably at least one game whether or not that's the opener or the following week against maybe Western Kentucky. But it's gonna be a tough summer for Cam Robinson. I can almost assure you he's gonna be very familiar with the bleachers

I'll tell you all the auburn fans that listen to the show or just jumping at the teeth for me to flail into you right now but I i can't. I don't know. I can't do it.

You know, if all that is straight up man I think that's pretty good. I think I'm pretty comfortable with that. You and I talked when his first came out about whether or not those charges excessive or not. I mean they probably would have never gone through as a felony. They would have pleaded it down to a misdemeanor so it would never have been a felony. Honestly I think probably what they would have wound up getting from the state would not been much worse than what they're getting from the team. So the only difference is it would have been on the record and now it wont be on the record. I want to jump on Saban and everybody in Tuscaloosa for going easy on their players and get everyone getting a free ride. But I may feel better about it than you do actually .

I don't think any part of Saban's program is easy. Even though the those guys work hard. We've seen what kind of mentality as we see what Coach Cochran does. This was pushing those guys in the weight rooms in the training. So by no means that you know they sitting back every day and having a grand old time. Yeah they're playing football. They're getting their education paid for playing football but I promise you this is not as much fun is what it seems like it is. I just know that kid has a bright future. Potential number 1 draft pick.

And I hope he takes this opportunity and runs with it man. You never know. The last time we talked about this i said the same thing. I'm all for giving these kids a chance because you just mess up as a kid man. You just do. It doesn't matter who's working with you or how stern they are. But it's what you do after that matters. And you know I've been a fan of a lot of players that messed up and came back. I'm hoping for the best for the kid even though he doesn't play for my team. And he's fun to watch you know.

Yeah hopefully this is what allows both of them to get their life back on the right track. Like you said, kids will be kids. They do stupid things. Whether or not he knew the gun was stolen, still he was riding around in a car smoking pot with a stolen handgun. That's just not good and he needs to understand that he can't put himself in situations like that. Not now. Not in the future without jeopardizing his ultimate dream which is to play football in the NFL.

All right let's talk about the thing that's got you really fired up and that's the talking heads picking LSU to win the west. Not only the West but the win the SEC.

Oh this is the first year that I've actually purchased the ESPN magazine.


And it stuck out to me because on the cover is number 7 from LSU, Leonard fournette. They are predicted for that you know. He's deserving of has been mentioned already. Him and Mccaffrey from Stanford. You know they are probably going to be the best to running backs in the in college football this year.

But then I flip through and I say that they have LSU ranked number one in the power index and then I get over to their playoff forecast and they have Oklahoma #1, LSU #2, Clemson #2, and Washington #4.

That's interesting

Yeah these are the 4. Sure they're saying Oklahoma and Washington in the fiesta bowl. LSU and Clemson in the Peach Bowl. And of course LSU going on to beat Oklahoma for the national championship.

Yes we (Alabama) are starting with a new quarterback again which hasn't made a whole lot of difference the last couple years.

No it's not really mattered all that much at all be honest.

We lost some players on defense but Saban is not rebuilding. They're just reloading and getting ready to go after it. So where is the respect for the defending national champions?

Haha. I am so torn on this. I want to go after you over the respect thing because every year this is the Alabama thing. We don't get no respect. We don't get respect. And you are picked to win it all. Maybe it's based on the schedule. I mean you know a lot of that has to do with who gets the home game between the two when they're both predicted to do well. And I get I think LSU gets the home game this year right. But i'll tell you, if you look at the history Jamie, I think Alabama is winner four out of the last five times over there?

They have. And and looking at schedules last year they did play at Alabama but they had a three-game stretch. LSU was six and a going into into the three-game stretch against Alabama, Arkansas and Ole Miss. And it's three games they got absolutely ran off the field and bama beat them 32 to 16. Arkansas 31 to 14. And Ole Miss being them 38-17. T

his year they have almost that exact same run they play out. This time is in the order of Ole Miss Alabama and then Arkansas I don't see really how LSU is that much improved. I mean you know they've got a quarterback coming back. He's got it now got a year up in and Brandon Harris but he didn't do anything to impress me last year. They do have what looks like about eight starters total coming back on offense. But if you remember the first six games it was the Leonard fournette show. I mean you know he carried the ball 300 times last year to almost 2,000 yards and scored 22 touchdowns

Yeah but when he lost his lead blocker he was exposed. Remember that. It happened in one game and he went from being unstoppable, and well he's pretty a good running back and he's great. But he's certainly not as stoppable though.

No he's not unstoppable. I mean we saw some some crazy stuff against Auburn but I think that was really more of that lack of tackling ability by the Auburn defense at the time.

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