What Is A Dirt Circle Destroyer?

Do you know what a Dirt Circle Destroyer is? How about Butt Pepsi? If you have never heard of these things before then you must listen to this show. The trending section of urban dictionary is a fascinating play. All of the lingo and phrases the cool kids are using is there. Don’t want to be left out? Find out what the hottest new words and phrases right now are.

Show Notes and Transcript

An extremely attractive American male who is good at everything. Often can be found in beautiful women's beds.
That guy has it all, man, he's such a brett.

American Hello
Licking someone on the face to say hello

boobie toodles
Saying goodbye by flashing your boobs

when you feel like a fish trying to breathe out of water

butt pepsi
extreme liquid diarrhea

something or someone regarded as not as great as something else.

Dirt Circle Destroyer
Toilet paper that is one ply or really thin

A procedure to remove someone's head from their ass

Herpy Leg
Someone that's always starting something and hates on everyone. Especially when you have something they don't

Aggressive moms you always see at McDonalds. Bossing their kids around

Stupid Chair
Chairs located throught a store or mall where men sit looking stupid while their women shop

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