How I Eat 9 Times More Food And Lose Weight!

I will never go back to restriction! Why should I when I eat as much as 9 times more food than I used to. And I’m losing weight. I’ve lost over 50 lbs so far. When you eat the right kinds of foods, the weight will fall off. Easy! This is part 2 of my series on my secret weight loss tips.

If you are tired of restricting your food, being hungry all the time, never getting enough to eat, stop it! Live a life of abundance. I eat as much as 9 times as much food as I used to eat. I stuff food in my mouth all the diet and I’m still losing weight. It’s better than a diet. It’s a lifestyle that allows you to eat as much food as you can enjoy and still lose weight. This is how I know I will never go back to gaining weight and being miserable ever again.

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