My Most Embarrassing Moment As A Fat Person

I want to share a powerful message with everyone who is overweight. But I especially want to speak to teenagers. I have a message for you. And I’m willing to share one of life’s most embarrassing moments for me in hopes that you will listen to the entire podcast. I have something to tell you from a place of love and caring. It’s a blunt message but it will change the rest of your life for the better if you believe it!

This isn’t a show about the technical aspects of weight loss. I won’t be telling your a step by step plan to lose weight. I’m going to tell you something that could change who you are from the inside out. And if you can grasp it, then weight loss will not be a problem. You life will be better forever because you learned this one simple thing.

If you want my exact game plan for how I lost nearly 60 lbs in 7 months you should check out my book!

How I Lost 60 Pounds Book Cover Mockup

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