The Lemon Drop Incident

There were so many funny and weird moments in my radio career I just have to share them. Enjoy this behind the scenes moment you have never heard before! I have talked about doing this in book form for a long time. But I’m not a writer. I talk! So it makes more sense to do it in podcast form. Some of the things that I witnessed during my 15 years in radio I can’t even mention. They are just that bizarre. But there are plenty I can talk about. So I’m excited to share some of the behind the scenes insanity from my radio career that you have never heard before.

[0:00] Introduction
[1:05] Setting Up The Great Lemon Drop Incident
[2:10] The Secret Sound Explained
[3:27] Radio Contest Secret Revealed
[5:34] The Morning Of The Great Lemon Drop Incident
[7:13] Putting A Listener On Live!
[8:55] I know what ya’ll said, but…

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