Why Figs Have Dead Wasps In Them

Yes. Figs have dead wasps in them. In fact you can’t even have figs without the dead wasps. Without each other, neither would even exist!

I have mind blowing facts about figs today. If you are like me then you love figs. And don’t get me started about fig preserves. My mom makes the best fig preserves you have ever eaten! I may never eat them again after learning what I did today.

Did you know figs have dead wasps in them? And it’s not even an accident or anything like that. The wasps are supposed to die in there. In fact, if the wasps didn’t die inside the figs, we would even have figs. They wouldn’t exist!

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/what-are-figs_us_57bc3dc5e4b03d51368a989a

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