Kristan Mikala: Georgia Singer / Songwriter

The entire show is Kristan Mikala. A talented songwriter, musician and singer. We will play two new songs that will be heard for the first time anywhere! If you know Kristan you will love this. If you are not familiar with her and her music you will be a fan once you hear her story and music.

Kristan Mikala is a vocal powerhouse. The maturity in her voice far exceeds her years and it is coupled with a uniquely original quality you won’t hear in any other artist. Like all great artist it is clear she is driven by passion for the craft and not by fleeting desires of easy fame and fortune. Her raw vocals hearken back to a time when singers were judged more on their ability to communicate a feeling with their performance, and less on attaining perfect pitch with the help of pro-tools.  She can cover everyone from Janis Joplin to Adele and make it look easy. But what may be more exciting is her dedication to writing her own music and finding her own voice in the world of music.

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