Hallie Long: Nashville Singer/Songwriter

Super excited to have Hallie Long on for nearly the entire show today! She is living the dream, playing music in Nashville.

What a pleasure it has been to follow the career of Hallie Long. I first came to know of her because she was gaining a following in my area of South Alabama. From seeing her live, to watching videos of her performance , to ultimately having the pleasure of interviewing her personally it has been clear she is the real deal.

Hallie Long isn’t an artist that likes being labeled, and with her abilities she shouldn’t be shackled by them. Her passion for music transcends any box that others may try to put her in. Her undeniable ability as both a vocalist and a songwriter guarantee that she will soon break out from from those boxes should anyone try.

Her songwriting is real. Her vocals pure and unforced.

Her gifts as both a singer and songwriter are both understated and undeniable. I am confident the only way she won’t achieve all of her dreams in music is if she simple decides to stop trying.

You can follow her while she chases her dreams at Hallie Long Music.


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