Health Condition: Trump vs Hillary Clinton vs Brett Mason

Is Hillary Clinton dying? How healthy is Donald Trump? He is 70 and she is almost 70. It’s a legitimate question to want to know the medical condition of our next president. But have we learned anything from all the speculation going around on the internet?

I decided to try and compare my health to that of Trump and Clinton. I have no doubt I would be a better president. But would I be a healthier president? How will my health condition stand up next to that of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Let’s talk about it!

Politifact posted the health reports from each of their doctors months ago.

Hillary Clinton: She experienced a concussion and blood clot to the brain in December 2012, after hitting her head because she fainted due to a stomach virus. The double vision she experienced as a result cleared up within two months. By 2013, testing showed that the clot had completely dissolved. She is still taking anticoagulation medicine as a precaution, along with thyroid and allergy medicine, and vitamin B12.

She shows no signs of heart disease or cancer. The report also lists a normal blood pressure and heart rate, along with her cholesterol levels. “She is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president of the United States,” wrote Dr. Lisa Bardack, an internist and chairwoman of the Department of Medicine at the 500-doctor CareMount Medical group practice in New York.

Donald Trump: Trump’s blood pressure and most recent laboratory results “were astonishingly excellent” and his physical examination “showed only positive results,” the latter phrase being a bit unusual because, in conventional medical parlance, a positive result usually indicates a problem. But that’s clearly not the case here.

The letter says his heart, lungs and circulatory system are excellent, his strength and stamina “are extraordinary,” and he has never had any form of cancer. His doctor, Harold Bornstein, a gastroenterologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, says Trump has never smoked or used alcohol.

“If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” Dr. Bornstein concludes.


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