Libertarians Could Get 15 Percent Of Presidential Vote

This could be a banner year for Libertarians. With so much unrest with the Democratic and Republican candidates, many people are saying they will vote for a third party candidate this year.

There is a perfect storm brewing for a strong libertarian candidate to get the largest percentage of the presidential vote in history. With as many as 16% of voters saying they would vote for a third party candidate instead of Clinton or Trump. A new report from Rasmussen shows that 24% of voters would not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton if they are the two candidates in the general election.

A whopping 16% say they would vote for some other candidate if Hillary and Trump are the two options. This paves the way for a larger independent voter turnout than we have ever seen. With a strong Libertarian candidate focused on the right message this could really be a breakout year for the Libertarian Party. Anything near a 16% vote for the Libertarian candidate would be huge.

We also talk about a news story that says Hillary Clinton may have even more legal woes than just those pesky emails. And an appeals court judge finally puts the Kim Davis issue to bed once and for all. These stories and more on today’s Liberty Report with Brett Mason.

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