How I Lost 25lbs In 45 Days – Episode 7

I’ll be sharing the strategies, tips and tricks I have used to lose 25lbs in 45 days. These are not fads, crash diets or cheats. These are foundational things that will change your lifestyle.

The only path to lifelong weight loss and health is lifestyle change. Learning about real hunger, what causes weight loss and weight gain, and changing your relationship with food.

Links mentioned in the show:
CICO – Calories In, Calories Out
BMR – Metabolic Rate Calulator
My Fitness Pal Website
My Fitness Pal For Android
My Fitness Pal For iOS

If you want my exact game plan for how I lost nearly 60 lbs in 7 months you should check out my book!

How I Lost 60 Pounds Book Cover Mockup

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