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Today we will actually be talking about a TV series on Hulu. Salem had me hooked from the very first episode and I binge watched the first season. I am now on season two. I’ll let you know what the show is about and help you decide if Salem is something you might want to invest your time in.

From the WGN network and iMDb:

Set in the volatile world of 17th century Massachusetts, ‘Salem’ explores what really fueled the town’s infamous witch trials and dares to uncover the dark, supernatural truth hiding behind the veil of this infamous period in American history. In Salem, witches are real, but they are not who or what they seem.

Here is the link to the show on Hulu: Salem TV Series On Hulu

Show Notes and Transcript

I stumbled across a TV series called Salem. I decided to try it out and I tell you
boy I was just hooked from the absolute very first episode. Here is the plot
summary according to IMDB:

Set the in the volatile world of seventeenth-century Massachusetts, Salem explores what really fueled the town's infamous witch trials and dares to uncover the dark supernatural truth hiding behind the veil of this infamous period in american history. In Salem witches are real but they are not who they seem.

I would say having made it through the first season in this at a pretty accurate explanation. It starts out with witch hunts, witch hangings, and witch burnings right from the very beginning. You have a lot of people in town that think it's ridiculous but by far the majority of the town along with the preacher definitely believes that there's an issue with witches there.

That's what gets you started this whole, are there really witches or is this just a witch hunt.

I'll tell you early on in the first few episodes there is quite a bit of nudity and sexual situations which kind of shocked me. I thought it was a network show. Turns out it's from a network WGN America which I'm not familiar with. WGN was the station they used to have
Bozo the clown on it but I guess it's different now because I don't think this
show would have ever aired on that station. So I don't really know what the
deal is with that network however I would say after I got past the first one or two episodes there seemed to be a lot less of the nudity sexual stuff. That being said it's still very risque in a lot of ways.

How scary is it on a scale of one to 10? You know I certainly did not often feel frightened but there's a lot of scary situations. I recall one situation with his girl who's supposedly possessed or being controlled by witches that was very reminiscent of the Exorcist. As a matter of fact I think a couple of those moves that that girl did were near straight ripoffs of scenes from The Exorcist.

It does deal with, you know, a risque a subject matter. It's dealing with witches, witch hunts, trials and hangings, and burnings. That type of all the things that you would expect to be associated with that type of a movie.

For me the highlight of this show in terms of actors is a couple of people. I guess the
leading character, Janet Montgomery is her name, she is from England. She's just
gorgeous and she has that calm authoritarian accent. Not the kind of British accent that grates on you. It's the kind that I find pleasant except it's almost scary in the way she
presents it. It fits perfectly for this role.

If you want to know what you might have seen her in I don't think you would have
seen her in much. She was in FX's "The League." She made some appearances in
Entourage. She was on a fox series called "human target" and she was the lead in
CBS's "made in Jersey" in 2012. She also played in "Black Swan." She was one of the dancers in Black Swan but I don't think she had a very major role because I don't remember that. If you saw "idiots brother" she played opposite Elizabeth Banks. I hadn't seen her in any of those things. This is my first time being exposed her.

She has the presence, everything from her posture, to the way she's speaks. I find it intoxicating. I really enjoy watching her in the lead role to say the least. The way she flirts with being a normal person as opposed to being a powerful whitch, she pulls are off very well and it just it continues to make the whole thing intriguing. Part of the time you wanna put root against her and then at other times you want to root for her.

Season one is available on Hulu. That's where you can watch it. Season two is not on Hulu yet. I'm assuming it will make its way over to Hulu at some point in time. I just went ahead and paid for it on Amazon. That's how much I like it.

So we're going to move now in the stuff that will be spoilers. If you don't want spoiler stuff you should probably stop listening right now. I'm not getting into a lot of specifics but I am gonna get into the general concept of the way the show goes.

First of all I love that the main priest in the story, who doesn't make his way into the story until very late in season,is a very strong powerful anti whitch character. And
his philosophy is it's better to make the mistake and kill an innocent person than allow a witch to live. Everything from his attitude right down to his name just really sucks you into his character.

Increase is his first name. Increase Mather. And his son who plays the role of the town
preacher up until he arrives name is Cotton Mathers. I like when you hear names that are well suited to the period of time in which the show is taking place. This being the seventeen hundreds I think those names make sense.

The cinematography, the sets, the costumes and all that or just they really suck you into that time period. And being somebody who's fascinated with the early founding of the U.S. coming over from you know England, I find that fascinating as well. So there's a little bit of that in there. You'll see little bits of history dropped in but not a lot of history.

The main things that continue to keep you compelled is this battle between the witch hunters
the actual witches who are actually duping people into killing innocent people. You find out that it's the whole cat-and-mouse game and they pull it off probably as well as any other show I've seen. Especially this kind of genre.

The other leading character is a guy who's an outsider. He's been away from the town off fighting in the war, fighting Indians, and comes back home. His name is John Alden you find out that he and Janet Montgomery, Mary Sibley, had a history together.

She is now married to a man who was the leader of the town but he has been stricken with some kind of illness. He can't talk so she actually runs the town at his behest. So pretty much he doesn't do anything but sit in a wheelchair. That thereby gives her the power to run the town. You know if you're familiar with that time period women definitely would not be running a town. She acts as his proxy and people just accept that was she says is what he would say. But he's incapable saying anything.

You find out later on in the series that she's the reason he can't say anything. I won't
spoil that too much for you but that's one of the more interesting aspects of the show. There's actually a whole secondary storyline as you get deeper into the series that rolls back around the whole concept

It was so great in the first season I kinda did the Netflix binge thing. I don't know how many days it took to watch the first season but I got through it pretty quickly. I have slowed down a little bit the second. I think I'm only on the third episode but I highly recommend it.

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