The Big Calorie In vs Calorie Out Lie

All you have to do to lose weight and get healthy is eat less calories than you burn right? Wrong!

If that was true there wouldn’t be fat people in America. Every single overweight person I have ever known was on a diet. They were trying to cure a disease (metabolic syndrome) by starving their body.

Starving a cold may work but starving a body diseased by metabolic syndrome will not. Stop counting calories in the food you eat and start paying attention to WHAT you eat.

Insulin is racing out of control in your body signaling it to store fat. All the extra fat and fatty liver you have acquired is suppressing the leptin hormone which is supposed to tell you that you are full.

Your body is broken and until you cure what’s broken on the inside, you will never change the outside. Period.

The good news is you can cure your metabolism. You can restore your health and weight loss will follow. Stop dieting and star curing your broken body.

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