Vegan Diet And Weight Loss Tips

I am the vegan fat guy, losing weight and getting healthy on a vegan diet.

My goal is to share vegan diet and weight loss tips, inspiration, and help you achieve your goals.

I’ve lost 40 pounds in 4 months and getting healthier every day.

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One thought on “Vegan Diet And Weight Loss Tips

  1. I listened to one of your videos tonight. Loved it. Such confidence after 4 months! Good for you! I will take inspiration from it and feel you know your stuff. I like hearing the nuts and bolts of how you do what you do with food. In addition I want to add that I use a lot of vinegars to deal with salt cravings/savory flavorings – balsamic, rice vinegar, etc. Also chopping up tomatoes and onions with lime juice and a touch of vinegar as salad dressing.
    Keep making podcasts!
    Also “Vegan Gains” is a popular male on You Tube – as are lots of people on Forks Over Knives. Also “Potato Strong” as well as Dr.s: McDougall, T. Colin Campbell, Neal Barnard, etc.
    I have been a vegan for 5 years. I initially lost 30 lbs – then gained some back and got stuck. Lately I’m focusing and doing no salt, sugar, oil (SOS free) and have lost another 15 lbs. Still trying to work on going forward

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